Welcome to Donofrio Labs


What we do…

Broadly speaking, we study how pathogens cause plant diseases. We tackle this question from a
molecular perspective, examining genes in both the plant and pathogen that contribute to disease
(yes, when manipulated by the pathogen, genes in the plant can actually lead to its own demise!).
Our specific plant-pathogen interactions include looking at fungal factors that cause disease on
rice, and examining the interaction between an oomycete pathogen and lima bean.



Top: Confocal micrograph of the rice blast fungus, on the surface of barley.


Where we are…

We are located on the south campus at the University of Delaware in Newark (pronounced New-Ark),
DE. Our labs are located on the third floor of the Worrilow building, and offices are located in
Townsend Hall, right next door. We have a dairy bar right next door to us that sells delicious ice
cream made from UD cows!



Top: Magnaporthe oryzae spores transformed with citrine fluorescent protein


Who we are…

Collaboration and teamwork is the name of game, and we always have a great, interactive group
of people in the lab. Click on “Lab Members” to meet the current team, and to see where former
team members are now.